FPTA Hall of Fame

2004 – John L. “Larry” Carter

John Carter pic

Larry Carter’s life has revolved around public transit.  With his father, President of Cities Transit in Tallahassee, Larry began his transit career as a teen filling chewing gum dispensers on buses and rebuilding fuel injectors.  He eventually worked in virtually every transit capacity, from office assistant to driver.  Then, like his father, he met his wife, Margaret, while driving a bus.

Larry became Manager of Cities Transit in Tallahassee in 1963, and subsequently, Director of TalTran in 1973, a position held until his retirement in 2003.

During his tenure at TalTran, the system grew from seven routes to over forty.  Taltran also introduced the state’s first “Fare Free” concept on basic system routes for university students and was the first to use a magnetic debit ride card fare box system.

Larry was a Charter Member of the (then) Florida Transit Association, which was formed in 1974, and was President of FTA in 1989.  Prior to that, Larry served as President of the Florida Bus Association in 1972.

During his lengthy tenure with FPTA and a frequent Board Member, Larry also served as Chair of various committees, including Safety, Driver of the Year, and served on most other committees.  Larry and Margaret also welcomed FPTA into their beautiful home on numerous occasions during Tallahassee meetings.

Larry received recognition from the American Public Transportation Association in 1997 as the longest serving General Manager at the same property, 34 years.  With the six additional years added before retirement, his 40 continual years at TalTran will be a record likely to endure for many years.  He also has the distinction being the longest serving member of FPTA with 29 years at the time of his retirement.

FPTA is privileged to welcome John L. “Larry” Carter into our 2004, and first, Hall of Fame Class.

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