FPTA Hall of Fame

2013 – Perry Maull

Perry Maull

Perry Maull contributed to the advancement of public transportation in more Florida communities than any other transit manager in the history of the state. After graduating from Indiana University as a participant in the famous “George Smerk Transit Management Program” and working as the Director of Marketing, Planning, and Development for the Regional Transit Authority of Dayton, Ohio, Perry moved to Brevard County in 1983 to become Director of Brevard Transportation Authority.

He immediately made his mark by not only improving the fixed route system, but also being the first in the state to actively promote vanpooling and creating a highly successful program some would refer to as “Perry-transit.”  He guided the merger of the Brevard Transportation Authority (BTA) and Brevard County’s paratransit agency into the “Consolidated Agencies Transportation System” (CATS) and became the first transit director for Space Coast Area Transit in 1985.

After leaving SCAT in 1992, he joined the Center for Urban Transportation Research staff assigned to the office of the director of Miami-Dade Transit Agency.  In 1994, he served briefly as Deputy Executive Director of Tri-Rail.  Perry was then hired in 1996 as the Transit Director for the Gainesville Regional Transit System.  Three years later, he was hired as the Director of Palm Tran, bringing clear thinking and stability to a system that had experienced managerial turnover.

In addition to his numerous managerial positions in Florida transit agencies, Perry  served twice as the President of the Florida Pubic Transportation Association.  He was appointed by Governor Bob Martinez to the Commission on the Transportation Disadvantaged and was elected the Chair of the Commission for two one year terms.  In 2006, he left Florida to return to his alma mater as Operations Manager for Indiana University Campus Bus Service where he plans to finish out his transit management career.

Perry Maull served with distinction, honor, and skill at every agency he worked with, promoting the appropriate level of service for each area, whether it was paratransit, vanpools, bus service, commuter rail, or heavy rail.  He richly deserves his place in FPTA’s Hall of Fame for his many innovations leading to much higher use of public transportation in many communities throughout the state of Florida.

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