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The Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA) is one of the most active state transit associations in the nation. FPTA is a nonprofit association whose members include every major public transit agency in Florida as well as interested citizens and businesses. FPTA’s membership is composed of 40 urban and rural transit systems, including, two (2) commuter railroads, a heavy-rail commuter system, and two people mover systems.  Many members also conduct paratransit operations to meet ADA and state requirements.

Florida Transit Quick Facts*

*Based on 2020 data from the Florida Department of Transportation’s 2021 Florida Transit Information and Performance Handbook

  • Annual Fixed Route Ridership = 156 million
  • Annual Paratransit Ridership (reported by the CTD) = 11.4 million
  • Number of FPTA Transit Agencies = 40
  • Fixed Route Operating Budgets = $1.391 Billion
  • Average Trip Length = 5.9
  • Average Fare = $0.87
  • Farebox Recovery Ratio = 9.80%

MISSION STATEMENT – To continuously support and improve public transportation and improve mobility options in Florida through advocacy, innovation, education, and partnerships.

VISION STATEMENT – FPTA is the leading force in supporting Florida’s public transportation and mobility industry.


FDOT Public Transit Office | Transit Information and Performance Management
This functional area includes technical guidance for transit information systems and transit data sets.  Available data includes National Transit Database data from the Federal Transit Authority (FTA), Florida Transit Handbook, Transit Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Florida transit system information for performance reporting and peer reviews.

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