Announcement: FPTA/FDOT/CUTR Professional Development Workshop


Registration Is Now Open!

For the first time ever…The FPTA/FDOT/CUTR Professional Development Workshop is going virtual with 16 sessions being held throughout June and July using Adobe Connect web conferencing software. Registration is Now Open

June sessions will include:

  1. Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Compliance: Oversight Tools
  2. Florida Transit Maintenance Consortium Quarterly Meeting*
  3. Making the Transfer: Merging Design and Functionality for Transit Websites
  4. Next Step, Corrective Action Plan: How to be a Closer
  5. Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans (PTASP) Readiness Workshop
  6. TCRP Project: Characteristics and Elements of Non-Punitive Employee Safety Reporting Systems for Public Transportation
  7. Transit and MPO Coordination

July sessions will include:

  1. An Introduction to Standard Operator Procedures
  2. Emergency Preparedness
  3. Mental Health First Aid
  4. Regulatory Updates on Federal Drug & Alcohol Testing
  5. Review of the FDOT Preventative Maintenance Standards Manual*
  6. Segmenting the Market to Affect Travel Behavior and Increase Ridership
  7. Small and Rural Roundtable
  8. TCRP Synthesis: Current Practices in the Use of Onboard Technologies to Avoid Transit Bus Incidents and Accidents
  9. Transit Automation and Shared Mobility: Latest Developments

* These two sessions may be switched.

About the Workshop

Statewide workshop sessions will offer a unique professional development opportunity for Florida’s public transportation supervisors, front-line employees, and other key staff in operations, maintenance, marketing, planning, and administration. Sessions offer excellent opportunities to learn from industry experts, attend professional development training, and gather information about innovative industry research.

Workshop sessions are designed for mid-level managers, supervisors, trainers, and other key staff currently employed by Florida public agencies (e.g.: Florida transit systems, FDOT, etc.), Community Transportation Coordinators, planning agencies, transportation providers, and/or Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA) members.

An Update on the Florida Transit Safety and Operations Summit

The 2020 Florida Transit Safety and Operations Summit will be held on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 in conjunction with the FPTA Annual Conference.

For additional information or if you have any questions, please email Stephanie Lewis.

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