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FAQ’s for Exhibitors

Exhibitor Training

Exhibitor Training was held on Sept. 30th at 2:00pm (EST). To access the recording, please click the button below and use passcode: hc^q9S^2

Day 1 - Virtual Tradeshow

Tuesday, October 6th
1:30-2:45 pm

Day 2 - Virtual Tradeshow

Wednesday, October 7th
3:00-4:30 pm

Day 3 - Virtual Tradeshow

Thursday, October 8th
12:00-2:00 pm


Can Exhibitors attend sessions when the Trade Show is not live?

Yes, please join us for any sessions you like. As an exhibitor you may participate in the entire event including our Happy Hour on Friday, October 9th.

How does the ‘Want to Meet’ feature work?

Any attendee of the virtual conference can request to meet privately with another attendee. To do this, click the person’s profile and then click the ‘Want to Meet’ button. If they accept the request, the meeting will be added to each person’s ‘My Agenda’ (found under the Schedule heading). This meeting will appear like a normal session. At the scheduled meeting time, each person will open this agenda item and click ‘Join Now’ to be put on a Zoom call with each other.

If we want to use a specified time during the Virtual Tradeshow hours to demo a product how do we let attendees know?

You would need to reach out directly via email or display a notice in the description area of your exhibit. We cannot add these notices to the schedule/agenda.

Are we permitted to offer a virtual gift card as a prize if we use the polling area for a quiz?

Yes, absolutely 

What is the ‘Request Info’ button?

Attendees who click this button are added to your Lead Retrieval report. We’ve encouraged participants to take this action by awarding extra points in our gamification. When you’re logged in as an exhibitor, you’ll see these buttons to the right of your company name.

I don’t have/see this button.

More than likely you’re already in the ‘Manage’ area. If you are, you’ll need to click ‘Back to organization details’ above your company name to see it. If you still don’t see it, please contact Amy Keys.

I want to have a private video meeting with an attendee. How can I do that?

Option 1 – see the ‘How does the Want to Meet’ feature work FAQ above

Option 2 – If you are video chatting with a group of attendees during the Virtual Tradeshow hours, you may want to spin off into a private video room to talk confidentially. The representative of your exhibit who first starts broadcasting during the tradeshow is considered the “host.” Just like in regular Zoom terms. 

The host can assign breakout rooms. But, the host will always have to stay in the “main” room.

Can the virtual trade show remain open after the conference is over where materials can be downloaded?

Yes, the conference presentations and all materials will be available up to 1 year following the completion of the event.

Will other companies, and potentially a competitor, have access to my exhibit materials?

Each registrant will have access to all areas of the event platform; except the administrative area of course. Feasibly, there is nothing built-in to the platform to limit access into your exhibit. One option, recommended by one of our very own business members, is to provide a link with password-protection to visitors via chat. This way you can limit access to very proprietary materials, while uploading general documents to your exhibit.

General Questions

I’m bummed to miss out on dancing/singing with the Groove Merchants at the FPTA After-Party. How do I get over it?

We don’t do borrringgg! You’re in luck. On Friday, October 9th beginning at 5:30pm, the Groove Merchants will be live streaming a concert for FPTA Conference attendees during the evening Happy Hour. You can dance and sing all you want – safely and with your family.

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