FPTA Virtual Conference logo 2020

FAQ’s for Exhibitors

FPTA has invested in a robust event technology platform for the 2020 Annual Conference. The information below should help to give you a better picture to answer the question of – “How will all this work exactly?”

Event Technology

By now, many of you are likely familiar with attending a meeting online via Zoom or similar technology. Our conference will not be “just another Zoom meeting.” The technology of Zoom is embedded in our platform, but there is much more to it.

Our virtual conference will look and function like a website. There will be clear tabs for different aspects of the event such as ‘schedule,’ ‘exhibitors,’ and ‘sponsors.’

Additional features include, but may not be limited to:

  • One-on-one real-time meetups among attendees or between attendees and exhibitors;
  • Searchable directory, so all involved parties (attendees, vendors, etc.) can search for each other and find people to connect and network with;
  • Communication options
    • Send Message – works like internal email
    • Want to Meet button – sends a meeting notification to a participant to accept or decline
    • Schedule Meeting – compares each person’s saved conference agenda to automatically look for an open time. It creates a private meeting page just between those people to chat live/video. Person can accept/decline the meeting invitation.
  • Public forum discussions
  • Leaderboard style gamification – winners will receive prizes just like at our in-person conference

Vendor/Sponsor/Exhibitor Info

Will higher level sponsors have more features and functions with their virtual exhibit?

Yes, just like at our in-person conference, the higher level sponsorship you choose the more added benefits/value is provided. All sponsorship levels will have an upgraded virtual exhibit. Exhibitors with no sponsorship will have a standard exhibit.

  • Standard Exhibit: includes linked staff photos/profile info, company logo, description, keywords, documents and video upload ability. Attendees can also use text chat to ask questions.
  • Upgraded Exhibit: Standard Exhibit + Real-time Video Chat enabled*
    *Real-time video chat | These exhibits will have an ‘Enter Virtual Exhibit’ button. Attendees will click to enter and see exhibit staff live online. This can be used by exhibitors to answer questions live, provide a product demo, or whatever creative use you may come up with.

Can an exhibitor set up a virtual/live Q&A time with attendees?

If you have an ‘Upgraded Exhibit’ you could choose a set time, during our open trade show hours, to have a designated live Q&A with attendees that visit your exhibit.

Could an exhibitor with an ‘Upgraded Exhibit’ share their screen with others?

The live view of exhibit staff uses Zoom technology, so it’s feasible you could use the ‘share screen’ feature.

Will exhibitors be able to see / know who watches our videos?

Exhibitors are able to receive lead contact information from attendees who messaged them to learn more about their product or services. Real-time insights offer a view showing which attendees visited their booth, as well as how many times they visited. Exhibit staff can react instantly by reaching out to those visitors to connect.

Will the registration list be provided to all sponsors?

Yes, all sponsorship levels will receive a pre/post-registration list. Additionally an enhanced lead retrieval report will be provided to all sponsors.

Can the virtual trade show remain open after the conference is over where materials can be downloaded?

Yes, the conference presentations and all materials will be available up to 1 year following the completion of the event.

When are the open trade show hours?

Each day of the conference, Tuesday-Thursday, we will have 60-90 minutes in the afternoon of open exhibits. Please ensure staff is available during the open exhibit hours to answer questions and interact with attendees that visit your virtual exhibit. The only event on Friday, October 9th, will be our Happy Hour with the Groove Merchants band in the evening.

Will other companies, and potentially a competitor, have access to my exhibit materials?

Each registrant will have access to all areas of the event platform; except the administrative area of course. Feasibly, there is nothing built-in to the platform to limit access into your exhibit. One option, recommended by one of our very own business members, is to provide a link with password-protection to visitors via chat. This way you can limit access to very proprietary materials, while uploading general documents to your exhibit.

Will the conference technology be readily available after registering?

Approximately 1-2 weeks out from the event dates, the platform will “open” for registered attendees to log-in and get familiar with the system/update their profile information. Our provider will also provide training sessions for those that need/want it.

When will exhibitor/sponsor registration open?

Our goal is to have the exhibitor/sponsor registration open by mid-August.

Do you have any examples of a virtual exhibit you can share?

We are working on a page of exhibit visuals as we speak. Stand by!

General Questions

Will you still have a presentation of awards like you do at your in-person Awards Banquet and Marketing Awards breakfast?

We still plan to present our winners with their respective awards via virtual presentation. The physical awards would be shipped at a later date. However, with the pandemic and in light of the change to a virtual conference, we are unsure how many award nominations will be received by FPTA. If there are not enough nominations this year, the awards presentation portion of the virtual conference will be removed.

I’m bummed to miss out on dancing/singing with the Groove Merchants at the FPTA After-Party. How do I get over it?

We don’t do borrringgg! You’re in luck. On Friday, October 9th, the Groove Merchants will be live streaming a concert for FPTA Conference attendees during the evening Happy Hour. You can dance and sing all you want – safely and with your family.