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Sponsor and Exhibit Pricing

Exhibitor/sponsor registration opened on Friday, August 14th at 12:00pm (EST). If your organization was a 2020 Roadeo sponsor, you received separate pre-registration instructions with a code for credit.

Below is our pricing table to help you plan ahead to secure your preferred participation level.


Exhibit Only – after meeting with our platform provider, we realized that we misunderstood some of the virtual exhibit features. Exhibitors will now all receive the ‘Upgraded’ style exhibit type, as well as the lead retrieval report.

Platinum Sponsor – SOLD OUT! Gold Sponsor – SOLD OUT! Silver Sponsor – SOLD OUT! Last spot taken 8/24 


How Does This Pricing Compare to "Normal" Years?

FPTA’s typical, in-person conference pricing is as follows:

  • Platinum Sponsor – $5,000
  • Gold Sponsor – $3,750
  • Silver Sponsor – $2,500
  • Bronze Sponsor – $1,750 (not offered this year)
  • Exhibit Only – $1,125 (1-person); $1,400 (2-person); $1,675 (3-person)

Event Technology Examples

Provided below are example images from our conference platform provider. These images are intended to help you visualize the benefits offered. However, please keep in mind that FPTA’s Conference will be customized to our specifications and may or may not look exactly like the example images.

Example: Platinum Sponsors

Banner logo placement throughout all event pages.
Color logo under the ‘Sponsored by’ text shown in the example image.

Example: Gold Sponsors

Breakout Session showing ‘Sponsored By X: Session Name’

Example: Standard Exhibit

Includes linked staff photos, company logo, description, keywords, document and video uploads

Example: Upgraded Exhibit

Includes standard exhibit features plus real-time video/live chat capability.
Attendees access your video stream by clicking ‘Enter Virtual Tradeshow Booth’ as shown in the example image.

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