On December 18, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $1.1 trillion Omnibus Appropriations bill by a vote of 316-113. Under the Rule adopted for consideration of the bill, separate votes on each element were held, but the process sent both to the Senate as a combined package. The combined package was later passed in the Senate by a vote of 65 – 33.

Included in this package were several provisions advocated for by APTA. The tax extenders agreement includes a permanent extension of parity for the transit commuter benefit, raising it from the current $130 to $250, rising to $255 in the calendar year 2016. Also included in this agreement was an extension of the Alternative Fuels Tax Credit and the Alternative Fuels Property (Infrastructure) Credit for two years, retroactive to 2015 and through 2016.

As part of the omnibus appropriations bill, funding to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) increased $870 million totaling $11.8 billion. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) similarly sees an increase of $52 million, rising to $1.678 billion. For more details on the contents of each bill, please view our previous Legislative Alert.