CTAA Develops Single Source for COVID-19 Safety Protocols


Thank you to CTAA for developing the following set of COVID-19 safety protocols (PDF) by collecting — in a single place — all of the guidance from a variety of federal agencies. Where no (or limited) actual guidance is available, CTAA has collected the best practical advice from public and community transportation operators in the field. As it has been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, CTAA’s overriding recommendation to its members is to err on the side of safety (of both transit staff and the riding public) in all decision making.

In this document, you’ll find recommendations on:

  • masks (for passengers and drivers)
  • driver compartment barriers
  • at-risk drivers
  • vehicle/transit facility cleaning and disinfecting
  • essential trips
  • fare collection
  • wheelchair securement
  • transporting a COVID-19 positive patient.

Download the document here (PDF)

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