Florida Transit Leadership Program

2021 Virtual Course
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For 2021, FPTA will deliver a six-week virtual leadership development program to FPTA transit system member participants. The virtual course is delivered via Zoom technology. The participants are expected to be able to interact with the class via this web interface, including the use of a video camera, microphone and sound. Multi-media components will be incorporated into the delivery of the course. It is highly recommended participants be at a computer with these capabilities in order to participate fully in the activities in the course.

The course will begin on Thursday, June 10, 2021 and meet each Thursday through Thursday, July 15. 2021. The course will include:

360 Degree Leadership Survey
This course is delivered with a “ticket of admission.” It includes the 360 feedback survey report and a culminating activity; which is a presentation by each student describing what they have learned about themselves, their organizations, and their commitment to action for change.

Part 1: Self-Management
Increase self awareness

Part 2: Leadership Fundamentals
Increase awareness of how human factors influence interactions between people

Part 3: Leadership Engagement
Influence interaction to a greater level of engagement within teams

Part 4: Leadership Application
Demonstrate application of topics in culminating activities

    Intended Audience

    The curriculum was designed to be used with both emerging and existing leaders and is intended to be used to expand leadership capabilities in any participant for their current and future roles with any organization.

    Participants should be selected based on their current performance and potential, and their willingness to seek additional self-awareness into their leadership behaviors.

    Program Qualifications

    For an employee to participate in the Transit Leadership Program the qualifications are:

    • Must be in “good standing” with your transit system
    • Must be a full time, permanent-status employee (not on probationary status)
    • Must have at least three (3) years of supervisory experience, with a preference of all years of supervisory experience in the public transportation industry
    • Must have a minimum of three subordinates
    • Must fill out and submit the approved application
    • Must submit a recommendation from the Director/CEO/General Manager of the Transit System

    NOTE: FPTA member organizations can submit only one candidate per division as your applicant for the FPTA Transit Leadership Class of 2021. Please specify which candidate is your primary choice for the program. The Committee will be selecting no more than 16 participants for the course. And, to hold the class, at least 10 people must be approved.


    The 6-week virtual program tuition fee is $200.00. This includes the leadership workshop sessions, small group delivery of 360-degree feedback reports, printed and delivered workshop materials, and graduation day lunch delivery.

    The tuition payment is due prior to the first day of the course or no later than June 10, 2021.

    Important Dates

    • Monday, March 1st - application period opens
    • Friday, April 30th - deadline to submit application
    • Week of May 17th - applicants notified of acceptance
    • Week of May 24th - class communication begins
    • By June 4th - participants receive printed materials by mail
    • June 10th - course begins; $200 tuition payment due
    • July 15th - course ends
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