Course Description and Objectives

The Transit Leadership Development Program Course which was developed using five overarching topic areas, organized within the curriculum as modules.  The five modules are:

  • Self-Management
  • Leadership Fundamentals
  • Leadership Engagement
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Leadership Application

This course has been delivered with a “ticket of admission” which includes the 360 feedback survey report and a culminating activity which is a presentation by each student describing what they have learned about themselves and their organizations and their commitment to action for change.

An outline of the module objectives for each topic area follows:

Part 1:  Self-Management

Objectives: To increase self awareness of participants

  • Delivery and review of 360 assessment
  • Increase awareness of self and environment
  • Identify key attributes of self-managed leaders
  • Identify different leadership styles
  • Discuss followership
  • Map skills associated to leadership styles

Part 2:  Leadership Fundamentals

Objectives: To increase awareness of how human factors influence interactions between people

  • Determine differences in nonverbal, electronic and verbal communications
  • Increase awareness of personal style and identify styles in others
  • Understanding of generational differences in the workforce
  • Determine actions for resolving conflict

Part 3:  Leadership Engagement

Objectives: To influence interactions to a greater level of engagement within teams

  • Determine types of feedback and impacts of each
  • Understand how meetings, performance management and motivating employees impacts culture
  • Comprehend team building principles

Part 4:  Leadership Competencies

Objectives: To increase capabilities in using tools to assist work production and environment

  • Assess personal critical thinking capability
  • Identify actions associated with critical thinking
  • Classify decision making types and approaches
  • Include risk based decision principles in decision making criteria
  • Review the change cycle and behaviors associated with each phase
  • Identify the forces of change
  • Evaluate the faces of change and apply to current change initiatives

Part 5:  Leadership Application

Objectives:  To demonstrate application of topics in culminating activities

  • Define the culture you want and translate leadership legacy to culture
  • Determine ways to develop the culture in your organization
  • Identify coaching and mentoring skills in an applied activity
  • Identify ways to assess culture
  • Participate in a culminating activity as a commitment to action

Intended Audience

The curriculum was designed to be used with both emerging and existing leaders and is intended to be used to expand leadership capabilities in any participant for their current and future roles with any organization.

Participants should be selected based on their current performance and potential and their willingness to seek additional self-awareness into their leadership behaviors.

Important Dates

  • May 7th - deadline to submit application
  • Week of May 24th - applicants notified of acceptance and 360 surveys launch
  • June 4th - hotel reservation cut-off date
  • June 11th - $200 payment due by applicants
  • June 14th - 360 surveys close
  • June 27-30 - Florida Transit Leadership Program in Orlando
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