FPTA Awards in Marketing


All marketing award entries, as well as the final award winners (designated 1st Place in green), are included for each entry category. The entry categories are listed in order alphabetically and the entries are sorted by Member Type, then Award, and then by Final Score. Entries are judged by an independent panel of professionals and scored based on the following criteria: 50% Innovation/Creativity, 25% Production Quality, and 25% Overall Effectiveness.

Electronic Media/TV

Any transit system commercial, interview, speakers bureau presentation or social media video created by, or for, an FPTA member.

Interior/Exterior Signage

This category includes any interior or exterior bus advertisement, or interior ad card, and must be designed by the transit agency. Interior ad cards can support an advertiser or be self-promotional. System-related signage can identify a transit administration, operation or customer facility, transit information kiosks/signs at transit stations/stops for the purpose of publishing transit maps/schedules, transit stop signs, or any other instructional or informational sign used by a transit system.


Any single printed advertising or non-advertising piece designed to deliver a message for a product or service.

Social Media

Any transit system social media platform or digital campaign used to promote transit and engage the consumer. This can include any social media campaign.

Special Events

Any event, lasting one (1) month or less, created by, or for, an FPTA member to promote transit system awareness or to increase ridership. Entry should include a minimum of (2) elements. Examples of elements: Event photography, event ads, promotional items, media coverage, etc.

Sustaining Campaign

Any comprehensive transit system marketing campaign lasting longer than two (2) months. Entry should include a minimum of (3) campaign elements. Examples of elements: Print/digital ads, vehicle wraps, collateral, web landing page, social media posts, etc.


Any transit system website, app, and/or blog created by, or for, an FPTA member.