Hurricane Irma

The public transit industry has stepped up to help their brothers and sisters in the state of Florida with recovery from Hurricane Irma. Please review the information below to see how you can give.

What to do if you want to give?

Based on the advice from our colleagues in Texas they have offered guidance below for how you can offer REAL help. NO CLOTHING! Period.

  1. Look for store gift cards first. They don’t have any service fees like the VISA and MasterCards do. Some good choices are Walmart, Target, Lowes/Home Depot, Publix – anywhere you can use their gift card to buy food, clothing, household items, and personal care items.
  2. Gift cards to restaurants are also good. Chili’s, Chick-fil-a, Whataburger etc. (Be sure the restaurant you choose has a franchise in Florida!) Make certain the card does not have additional fees the recipient needs to pay.
  3. As an example, if you want to contribute $100 worth of cards it is easier to distribute denominations of $20 or $50 then one card at $100. Our systems will appreciate whatever you can give.

Send the gift cards to Lisa Bacot at FPTA. We will distribute the cards to the GM’s at the transit systems affected. Then they will distribute them directly to employees who have needs.

ATTN: FPTA Irma Relief
P.O. Box 10168
Tallahassee, FL 32302

FPTA will not be taking cash donations.

  1. Always consider a donation to the Red Cross here or the Salvation Army here.
  2. For each dollar you donate, Walmart will donate 2 times the value: Walmart will match your donation with a contribution of $2 worth of cash or, at Walmart’s option, needed merchandise to the American Red Cross, up to $10 million from September 10-16, 2017. Walmart’s merchandise contributions will be valued at Walmart’s cost.

Thank you for being interested and having a big heart to GIVE.