We appreciate your interest in the Florida Public Transit Association. FPTA is one of the most active state transit associations in the nation. Florida is the fourth most populous state in the union and has a fixed route bus fleet of over 2,100 vehicles. FPTA’s membership is composed of 28 fixed route systems, a commuter railroad, a heavy-rail commuter system, and two people mover systems.  Many of our fixed route members also conduct para-transit operations to meet ADA and state requirements. Florida’s total transit operating budget exceeds $400 million with over seven systems exceeding $12 million per year.

Benefits for Members Only

  1. Advertise – reach your target audience by advertising in our quarterly newsletter and/or annual membership directory
  2. Networking – there is no better way to meet the directors, board members, and key employees of Florida’s public transit systems than through your membership in FPTA
  3. Recognition – FPTA’s online membership directory lists all members including Business Class members.  It is seen and used by virtually everyone in Florida connected to the transit industry.
  4. Events
    1. Annual Conference – FPTA conducts one of the premier state annual conferences exceeding over 400 registrants. Many Business Class members participate in the program.  Every third year we have an EXPO year, where vehicle displays are allowed and featured (next EXPO 2018). Every year we provide for indoor booths and exhibits. Member firms receive discounted individual conference registration fees.
    2. Annual Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo (April) – opportunities for tabletop exhibits
    3. Professional Development Workshop (June) – this workshop is free to all FPTA members
    4. Board Meeting Sponsorships – a new VIP level benefit limited to 1-2 non-competing Business Class members per Board Meeting. This will allow you unrestricted access to network with FPTA’s corporate members in an intimate setting.
  5. Communication – each primary business member contact will receive any printed communication including the quarterly newsletter. You may also add additional secondary contacts to receive email only FPTA communication.

Business Class

Consists of organizations engaged in supplying goods and services, professional consultation services, construction of public transit facilities and organizations publishing periodicals relating to the public transportation industry.

$300.00 annual dues

Corporate Member

Corporate Membership includes government agencies who operate any form of organized, fixed route, public general transportation service within the boundaries of the State of Florida. Agencies which provide fixed route service and are also designated Community Transportation Coordinators (CTC’s) shall be members of the Corporate Class only.

Annual dues are based on (0.00055) x the operating budget (your current fiscal year) OR a min. of $500 and a max of $20,000 annually


Consists of non-profit associations, individuals, community supporters or planning organizations.

$150 annual dues