Corporate Membership includes government agencies who operate any form of organized, fixed route, public general transportation service within the boundaries of the State of Florida. Agencies which provide fixed route service and are also designated Community Transportation Coordinators (CTC’s) shall be members of the Corporate Class only. Annual dues are based on 0.00055 times the operating budget (your current fiscal year) OR a minimum of $500.00 and a maximum of $20,000.00 per annually

  • Tier I – any corporate member whose budget exceeds $36 million and requires payment of the maximum Association membership fee
  • Tier II – any corporate member whose budget is between $4 million-$36 million
  • Tier III – any corporate member whose budget is less than $4 million
  • CTC – all non-fixed route, Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) member systems

Community Transportation Coordinators (CTC’s)

Consists of organizations operating a government sponsored program under Chapter 427 of the Florida Statutes, who provide transportation services to a special clientele (elderly, disabled or low income) and who have been designated as the Community Transportation Coordinator for their area. This class shall only include those organizations that do not also provide fixed route service.

Annual dues for CTC’s is flat $500

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