Transit Tuesday Webinars

Ten State Associations across the country are combining efforts and leveraging resources to bring additional training over the next several weeks to their members. These webinars are for members of the following Associations: AZTA, CALACT, CASTA, FPTA, IPTA, PPTA, SWTA, TPTA, VTA and WSTA.

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Moving Forward in 2021! Decisions in D.C. Roll Across America

Previously held on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. 

This webinar focused on the promising federal legislative and executive actions that will bring new policy and funding initiatives to transit agencies across the United States. Our panelists covered topics such as the latest COVID-19 relief measure, “The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021” – H.R. 1319; an infrastructure package and other Administration and FTA plans; possible elimination of Congressional earmarks; and what to expect with the fall Surface Transportation Reauthorization changes. What could all this mean to your transit agency or your company? 


  • Mark Hybner, APTA
  • Katie Kachel, Partner – Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell
  • Scott Bogren, CTAA

Moderated By:

  • Lisa Guthrie, Executive Director – VTA
  • Rich Sampson, Executive Director – SWTA

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Diversity & Inclusion Committees: Does Your Agency Have One? Does Your Agency Need One?

Previously held on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 

This webinar explored agency Diversity and Inclusion Committees established by agencies. Panelists discussed why agencies should set up a committee, how they are managed, and what topics and policies committees should consider. Panelists outlined lessons learned and what the future holds, considering the ongoing national conversation around race and equity.


  • Samantha Einarson, Pierce Transit
  • Collina Beard, Lane Transit
  • Pamela Christian, LA Metro
  • Darnell Grisby, Executive Director, TransForm

Moderated By:

  • Justin D. Leighton, Executive Director – WSTA

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Celebrating ADA at 30th - What's Next?

Previously held on November 10th, 2020

This webinar discussed the history of the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) thirty years ago and highlighted innovative programs and tools to increase mobility options for people with disabilities. Speakers discussed services they are providing to move riders from limited paratransit services to fixed route or deviated fixed route transportation that increases access for all riders.
Additionally, speakers discussed ideas for increasing equity in your organization by recruiting and hiring people with disabilities.


  • Marshall Burns, Independent Living Services
  • Donna Smith, Sound Transit
  • Michelle Witman, Asset Based Consulting
  • Bonnie Epstein, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority

Co-Moderated By:

  • Jacklyn Montgomery, Executive Director – CALACT
  • Justin D. Leighton, Executive Director – WSTA

Link to Presentations 

Access Recording Here – password TTW#2020

Race, Work and Leadership: New Perspectives on the Black Experience

Previously held on September 29th, 2020

The first in this two-part series explores what we can learn from Black experiences of race, work and leadership, and how can we apply these insights toward strengthening our organizations’ strategic and mission alignment? How does inattention to race, work and leadership undermine organizational performance and community vitality? In this webinar, drawing from a compilation of research studies, Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts will highlight key challenges that Black professionals face in gaining access, authenticity, advancement, authority and accountability for attracting, developing, retaining diverse talent in just and equitable ways. She will also articulate steps for creating greater organization-wide understanding and awareness of racial inequalities and why they matter at work.

The presenter for this webinar is:

  • Laura Morgan Roberts, Ph.D. – Author, Academic, Keynote Speaker

The Importance of Transit in Communities of Color

Previously held on October 6th, 2020

The second session in our series is an exciting panel including Dorval Carter from CTA, Darnell Grisby of APTA, and Christof Spieler of Huitt-Zollars and lecturer at Rice University.  This meaty session will move through a discussion of the importance of transit in communities of color, how racism has shaped public transit, the inequities that have historically been embedded in our nation’s transit systems, and some examples from agencies that are doing it better.  You won’t want to miss the personal and institutional reflections of this panel on a topic that we’re all considering as we lead our agencies into the future.

The panelists for this webinar were:

  • Dorval Carter, Chicago Transit Authority
  • Darnell Grigsby, APTA
  • Christof Spieler, Huitt-Zollars & lecturer at Rice University

Maintaining Employee Wellness During a Crisis

Previously held on September 8th, 2020

Working during a pandemic has increased work duties and created an environment of uncertainty, adding stress to transit employees that can jeopardize employee’s health. This webinar focused on Employee Wellness programs, activities and exercises that can help employees lower stress, engage in self-care and wellness during this unprecedented epidemic.

The panelists for this webinar were: Sandra Smith-McDonald, AC Transit, Oakland, CA; Sandra Gonzalez, Pace Suburban Bus, Chicago, IL; Forrestine Coombs, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Transportation Authority; Stacy Kesten, Ensight Partners

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Innovating During a Time of Crisis

Previously held on August 11th, 2020

Across the country, transit agencies of all sizes are thinking outside the box to continue meeting the needs of their communities in the face of a global pandemic. From integrating new technologies to reimagining service models, this webinar showcased how four of your peer agencies are reshaping mobility and evolving to continue providing essential public transportation services.

The panelists for this webinar were: Michael Feldman, Director of U2C, Jacksonville Transportation Authority (FL); Chris Campbell, Transit Director, Kingsport Area Transit Service (TN); Alan Budde, Transit Manager & Rebecca Schenck, Principal Planner, Napa Valley Transportation Authority (CA); and Steve Blaska, Chief Operations Officer, Spokane Transit Authority (WA).

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Restoring Transit Rider Confidence

Previously held on July 28th, 2020

Transit has proven itself to be an essential service throughout the pandemic, although the CDC initially discouraged transit use in response to COVID.

Understanding how to restore during an unexpected crisis is an essential skill. This session provided ways to manage the internal and external communication environment, provide data analytics from a brand new national public opinion project, and show-n-tell examples from agencies to restore community confidence while capitalizing on unexpected support.

The panelists for the webinar were: Morgan Lyons – Lyons Strategic (former Vice President, External Affairs, Dallas Area Rapid Transit [DART]); Scott Wilkinson – CEO, AlphaVu; and Jim Wright – Partner,
Pulsar Advertising

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Leading a Reinvention After Disruption

Previously held on July 14th, 2020

Mindy Price discussed how you can reinvent parts of your organization, applying what we have learned through the pandemic disruption, to improve business efficiencies and employee engagement.

The panelist for the webinar is: Mindy Price
Chief PACE Setter, Direct Effect Solutions, Inc.

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Planning for a Pandemic and Preparing for Recovery

Previously held on June 30th, 2020

Panelists taught how to set your agency up for success with best practices in developing a pandemic response plan, how to begin preparing for recovery and what should be included in an after-action plan.

PANELISTS: Robert Codie, LeeTran – FL; Rufus Francis, Santa Cruz Metro – CA; Polly Hanson, APTA; Kathleen Bracke, Boulder County – CO

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Human Resources Best Practices in A Covid-19 World

Previously held on June 16th, 2020

Panelists from transit agencies across the country discussed pressing topics including administrative leave, return-to-work, communicating with staff, hazard pay, COVID-19 positive employees, and more.

PANELISTS: Lawrence Bond, Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, Colorado; Kelly Halcon, Monterey-Salinas Transit, California; Jennifer Hirsch, Rock Island County MetroLINK, Illinois; Kendra McGeady, Pelivan Transit, Oklahoma; Jamie Leonard, Central Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, Pennsylvania; and Cesar Portillo, Community Transit,

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